The editor: Gabi Mertens

I’ve always loved both the written and spoken word, so I started my career editing, which led me to working in a publishing house. Although I felt really at home in the publishing world, my real passion has always been fashion, so I left to train as a stylist in the hope of inspiring others through clothes. After a short stint as a copywriter in the marketing department of a well-known amusement park, I joined navabi and am proud to be a navabist. I hope to inspire you by writing about things that inspire me.

Wardrobe staple: Culotte
Fashion icon: Jenna Lyons
Favourite brand: Zizzi Black Label
Favourite food: Töltött Káposzta, which is a traditional Hungarian dish my mum makes with beef mince and sauerkraut
Favourite flowers: Lilies

Gabi Mertens

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