H Shape

You are straight up and down and have balanced shoulders and hips with an undefined waist.

Being one of the most common body shapes, the key to dressing your sporty, H-shaped figure is to opt for flared silhouettes that cinch at the waist. By using volume in the upper and lower body, you can create a curvy, feminine shape.

When choosing shirts, play with proportion by going for styles with asymmetric, dipped or handkerchief hems. Swap plunging, tight-fitting necklines for designs with breast pockets, front pleats and ruffle details to give your bust a little boost.

When it comes to jackets, designs with an A-line cut, tie belts or peplum silhouettes would sculpt a waist and complement your straight figure best.

Flowing, wide-leg trousers would look great on you, as they would add curve and volume to your lower body.

When it comes to dresses, optical illusion designs that create shape with clever print, cut and colour blocking are perfect for you. If you love pretty, floaty styles, the wrap dress is the ultimate wear-anywhere all rounder, along with A-line skirts, which create a shapelier bottom half.

Fabric is a clever way to add softness to your look - plisse materials as well as silks and chiffons that drape gently are lovely on your frame.

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